Club that will always leave you with a smile

So much more than loyalty

Club5* is a multi-brand loyalty program that provides customized benefits for Dormeo Home’s most loyal customers.
By joining Club5*, customers are entitled to immediate personalized shopping experience including various discounts, exclusive products, prices and deals, free postage, longer money back guarantee, and a welcome gift.

Premium or exclusive? You choose!

Club5* offers two different membership types – Premium and Exclusive.
The customers can choose the one that suits their shopping habits and needs most. Club5* members are also entitled to more personalized offers and privilege treatment such as special events, campaigns, and Club5* offers.

More than 270K Club5* members

We always put our customers first and try to understand their needs. Striving for deeper understanding of customer preferences, habits and needs is the key to the creation of a unique multi-channel shopping experience in the future. We are proud to have over 270K Club5* members.