Dormeo. A global player in sleeping industry.

Globally trusted sleep brand

Dormeo has been bringing top quality Italian-designed, European-made memory foam mattresses direct to people’s homes for the last 20 years, becoming one of Europe’s most trusted bedding brands in the process. Dormeo products are made for everybody, every bedroom and every budget, which has meant that millions of our mattresses are allowing people to say good morning to a great night’s sleep in over 40 countries worldwide – from Europe, USA to UK & Japan.

Present in the USA, Canada, Japan & Europe

20+ years of sleep expertise

The story of Dormeo started back in 2002 with a single foam mattress. This led to a “revolution” and Dormeo started changing people’s perception about sleeping habits, quickly becoming the synonym for a good and healthy night’s sleep, good value for money, safe purchase and best service. The times have certainly changed, but Dormeo’s values and mission remain the same – to provide optimal comfort where it is needed most – at home. Dormeo’s products help make your bedroom a calm, comfortable, and effortless sleeping environment, resulting in refreshed and invigorated mornings, and Dormeo as a sleep expert can make this dream come true.

Innovative technologies at the core of Dormeo

Dormeo is known for its high quality and performance, which is reflected with each product that leaves the factory. Innovative technologies and quality materials used in Dormeo products provide the optimal comfort and ensure healthy sleeping. The brand’s commitment to innovation is evident in its use of cutting-edge materials, such as memory foam and patented Octaspring technology, creating mattresses that provide exceptional support and adapt to individual body contours.

Commitment to wellbeing

Sleep is one of our basic needs. The quality of sleep affects the quality of life and this is why the wellbeing of our customers is at the core of each Dormeo product. We are honored and happy to offer a good night’s sleep to millions of people from all over the world. Our satisfied customers are the real spokespeople, the true ambassadors of Dormeo’s vision and beliefs. Through a diverse range of channels, they share their positive feedback as brand testimonials on how Dormeo has changed their sleep and their lives.