Cookie Statement


1. What are cookies?

Dormeo d.o.o. (the “Dormeo” or the “Provider”) uses web cookies on its Websites. 

Cookies are text files that are stored onto the computer that a User uses to visit and use a Website. Upon the User’s repeat visit to the website, the Provider can access information from the User’s computer that was collected with the aid of cookies. 
By using cookies, Dormeo d.o.o. ensures better, more user-friendly and more personally oriented Website functionality and presentation for the User. At the same time, cookies assist in user analysis, recording visits (for statistical purposes) and providing more efficient advertising. 

Cookies perform a number of functions – they enable tracking Website visits and offering different types of campaigns. 
Cookies, or rather the data that are collected with the aid of cookies, do not, in and of themselves, enable a User to be identified in the sense of legislation that pertains to the protection of personal information because the use of cookies does not enable the identification of a concrete person. 

Dormeo d.o.o. uses its own cookies on its Websites, while it also enables selected third parties to store their own cookies on a User’s computer (so-called ‘third party cookies’). When consenting to the use of cookies, a User consents to the cookies of both Dormeo d.o.o. and third parties. 

Because we continuously strive to provide you with the best possible user experience, our Websites function optimally only when cookies are enabled. In this way, we can identify you during a repeat visit to our Website, while cookies also allow us to uncover and eliminate errors. Therefore, accessing our Website is quicker and more personalized when cookies are enabled. 

2. Cookies are not…
  • intended for spying on users and DO NOT track everything that a User does, 

  • ill-intentioned code or viruses, 

  • related to undesired messages, 

  • capable of tracking your keyboard entries (they cannot store your passwords), 

  • intended only and exclusively for advertisement purposes. 

3. The types of cookies that we use on this website:

Dormeo d.o.o. uses different types of cookies on its Websites. Cookies are differentiated on the basis of their functionality, their length of validity and the site that is installing them. Cookies are more specifically explained in the following section: 

3.1 Strictly necessary cookies 

Strictly necessary cookies enable the normal functioning of a Website. These cookies enable the basic use of a Website. For example, these enable you to easily navigate through our website and to register your privacy settings. Without these cookies, our website does not function. For this reason, these cookies are always set and we do not require your consent to use them. We do not process any personal information through these cookies. 

3.2 Functional cookies 

Functional cookies allow a website to remember your selected options (i.e. language or region of origin) and provide you with improved and even more personalized options. . 

Functional cookies are also strictly necessary for certain types of campaigns, through which you receive various benefits. Functional cookies also allow you to participate in prize games. 

While our Websites would still work without functional cookies, the majority of the Websites’ most advanced functionalities would be disabled because we cannot prevent abuse of such functionalities without the aid of functional cookies. 

We base the placement of functional cookies and the processing of data collected through these cookies on your consent. 

3.3 Analytics Cookies 

These cookies collect information on the method of use of the Website – for example, which sites the User most frequently visits and whether error messages are displayed on the Websites. These cookies do not collect information that allow for the identification of visitors. All information that is collected by these cookies are united (aggregated) and are therefore anonymous. 

Through the use of cookies, we monitor through which source you have accessed our website (external advertisement, our electronic mail, from another one of our websites, etc.) Aside from the source of your access point, the point from which you exit our Website and your activities on our website, we do not monitor any of your other internet activities. 

3.4 External (Third Party) Cookies 

External (third party) cookies are normally installed by external providers (i.e. Facebook Inc., Google Inc., etc.). 

These types of cookies are mostly cookies that are used by various analytics tools (Google Analytics) or various plug-ins for social networks (Facebook, Google+, etc.) that are adjusted to you as the user of the social network. Some of these third parties may be located in countries where your personal data may not be protected to the same level as within your country (such as Google Analytics, in the U.S.). If you accept these cookies, you consent to your data being transferred to the third country and accept the associated risks that governmental agencies in such third countries may have access to your data. We strive to limit these risks, e.g. by pseudonymising your personal data. 

3.5 Administering Permission for Use of Cookies

The decision on whether or not you allow websites to use cookies rests completely in your own hands – but you must be aware that a website functions optimally only if cookies are enabled on your browser and on our Websites. 

You can disable this Website’s installation of cookies on your computer by clicking on the button bellow. By clicking on “I allow the use of cookies“ you may re-enable the installation of cookies at any time.