Our care for the environment

Sustainable materials

Our goal is to have more products in portfolio made from sustainable materials without compromising the quality and safety.
Sustainable materials are defined using several criteria, like lower water and energy need, resource renewability, waste reduction, chemicals control, little or no soil erosion, and responsible environmental, social and chemical management. For sleeping & decorative collections, the following materials are considered as sustainable: recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool, organic cotton, linen, hemp, responsible wool, mohair, alpaca and cashmere, bamboo lyocell, lyocell Tencel, certified wood, recycled foam, and others.

Local production

Local production brings two main benefits – it decreases transport emissions due to shorter distances and it boosts local economy of the region where we operate. As our region of operation is Central and Eastern Europe, we want to increase the production in Europe. Local production also contributes to faster delivery times, easier control of production and easier communication with manufacturers.

Green Octaspring technology

We are especially proud of our patented Octaspring technology. Foam springs can be found in Dormeo DNA mattresses, Dormeo Imemory S Plus, Dormeo Fresh Prima mattresses, and Dormeo Octasmart line. Octaspring technology uses 50 % less material in production of every spring in comparison with solid foam.
By replacing conventional foam with Octaspring technology, since 2011 we have lowered creation of carbon emissions by at least 48,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

50% less material

The Octaspring foam spring structure uses 50% less material compared to conventional foam, while providing better support and longevity of the product.

31% less CO2

The second benefit of reduced use of raw materials, and consequently lighter structure is direct atribution is that conventional foam products would create 30% more CO2 emissions than Octaspring based products.

30% lighter

The reduction of the raw materials in the structure brings two benefits. First it makes final product 30% lighter, which has direct impact on reduction of carbon emission on daily basis in aviation, automotive and any transport industry.

No waste

Due to the size of the foam blocks, conventional foam cushions create at least 5% waste, but when we use Octaspring technology there is practically no waste, as we use entire block of foam.

Sustainable packaging

Our main goals to make our packaging more sustainable are to reduce all unnecessary packaging, increase the usage of recycled packaging materials, increase keep & repurpose packaging and decrease plastic packaging.

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