Our care for people

Care for our employees

We welcome colleagues who want to embrace new challenges with fresh energy, creative potential and who want to work in a dynamic and innovative company culture. Recruiting talented, positive, hardworking, and open-minded colleagues, characterized by agility, flexibility and results orientation remains our priority.
Employees are also the ones who move the company further on our sustainability journey. One of the most important steps is building sustainability mind-set and leadership in the organisation and finding ways to get all employees engaged in day-to-day sustainability efforts.

Sustainability mind-set and leadership

Sustainable leadership is the ability to lead oneself and the team towards the better world. Sustainability mind-set facilitates lasting value for each stakeholder of the company. It is about a shared responsibility that aims to prevent unjustified undermining of financial, human and environmental resources.
Sustainable leaders pay attention to relationship building, they share and care, they have high personal integrity, sense of purpose, duty, service, empathy, courage, and ability to inspire and show moral leadership. Making steps towards sustainability mind-set and leadership help us bring our sustainability strategy into daily operations.


Key sustainability competences as an interlinked set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values are equipping employees to solve complex problems, exploit opportunities and move towards sustainable behaviours in their daily personal and professional lives.

Sustainable office practices

We are building sustainability mind-set and awareness of how important each individual is in his daily actions also through sustainable office practices. We promote drinking and serving only tap or filtered water. Instead of single use, we are using our own cups. Where local infrastructure exists, we collect waste separately.
We stimulate sustainable mobility – walking the stairs, cycling to work, providing foldable bikes, promoting recreation in the offices. Some offices use dishwasher to save the water usage in office kitchens. We are stimulating efficient water usage, turning off lights and air conditioning when leaving meeting rooms, and thoughtful use of paper.
Caring for our employees is our number one priority. We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, we have reduced working hours to 36 hours per week. We also stimulate education and learning among our employees. In our offices we have a library with a big selection of literature. 

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